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FANUC 0i MC control; RS-232 - PCMCIA Slot
CAT50 taper Spindle; 20-5000 RPM
40-position ATC
Double pallet changer 500 x 500 mm ea. 360 degree x 1 deg.
700 x 650 x 600 mm. travels; 500 kg. workpiece weight

1250 x 3000 mm. table size; 22mm x 7 tee-slots; 5000 kg. maximum workpiece weight
Max. distance between columns 1450 mm.; full work area enclosure
CAT 50 Spindle 40-6000 RPM with ZF 2-range gearbox 18.5/22 kW motor
X-travel 3000 mm.; Y-travel 1450 mm.; Z-travel 750 mm. Rapid XY 20 m/min
Precision ground and double anchored ball screws; automatic lube system
Oil chiller for spindle oil; hydraulic counterbalance for headstock
Helical and chain type chip conveyors
FANUC 0i MC CNC control; 4th axis ready; rigid tapping included
Manual Pulse Generator; cooler for electrical panel

VMC 0641 Serial 0611018 M004 (SOLD)
700 x 410 mm. table; 300 kg. workpiece weight cap.;8000 RPM spindle.
650 x 410 x 410 mm. XYZ travels; CAT 40 spindle taper;
16-position ATC. 20000 mm/min max. feedrate.
FANUC 0i-Mate CNC system.

800 x 420 mm. worktable; 3 x 18 mm. tee-slots; 600 kg. max Workpiece Weight
700 x 420 x 510 mm. X/Y/Z Travels; 660-130 mm Max-Min spindle to table
BT 40; 8000 RPM; 16 position arm-type ATC Auto-lube; Flood coolant
7.5 - 11 kW main motor power
FANUC 0i Mate MC CNC control; RS232-PCMCIA-Ethernet; Electrical panel cooler.
4th axis Rotary Table 210 mm.

FANUC 0i MD Control; 4th axis ready; Ethernet - RS-232 - PCMCIA slot
8000 RPM spindle; BT40; 24 pos. arm-type ATC; rigid tapping
850 x 510 x 540 mm travels; 24/24/18 m/min rapid traverse; Linear ways
Chain-type chip conveyor; flood coolant; automatic lubrication system
Fully enclosed work area interlocked to control; Tricolour alarm lights
Electrical panel with name-brand components; with heat exchanger
Main motor 11/15 kw; 220 native electrics; 600/220 line transformer.
Well-appointed exterior guarding, open top for easier loading.

1200 x 500 mm. (47 x 19) table; 600 Kg. max. load; 8000 RPM Spindle;
11/15 kW Motor 52.5 Nm.; 24 pos. Arm-type ATC
Fanuc 0i MD control; Ethernet; 4th axis ready;
Linear Guideways; 3-axis SS way covers;
Full Workspace Enclosure; Automatic Lubrication System;
Work Lamp; Alarm Light System; Pneumatic System;
Flood Coolant System; Heat Exchanger for Electrical Panel

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